Building Business Relationships


                                                                          Building Business Relationships

                      The information provided in this article is intended only for general use. Compiled and prepared by Daphne Clarke –Hudson for her personal uses and application for many years. Although these principles have proven valuable to the author value added may differ from person to person.Daphne Clarke-Hudson her Company or representatives makes no warranties of the results any kind therefore should not be consider liable for the outcomes received of its application of these principles.DAPHNE CLARKE – HUDSON

                      We have heard the saying people do business with those they love and trust! Over my life span of sixty-four years I have experienced this statement to be so true not only in my life but in the life of my friends and numerous colleagues.Our communities has become one of high techniques gag gits and toys, please don’t get me wrong ” I LOVE ” and embrace ALL of them and I AM open to learning as much as I can about them. However it concerns me greatly that they have replace our need for one and one person to person dialogue.

                      Please forgive me it could just be “ME” being born and raised in the sunny Island of Jamaica, I am slightly the TOUCHY FEELY,LO-VIE DE-VIE type…you know those they refer to as the “LIFE OF THE PARTY” or “SUNSHINE”. I am certain I am not the only one still alive? I believe that building solid relationships is the key to a happy and successful life. That is why I personally find it so tragic that one in ten relationships is held together by the humble Post-it note or a text.

                      Today’s frantic lifestyle means that many families are so busy going to one thing or another, the only way they get to communicate is by leaving a note on the door of the refrigerator or texting while stopped at the traffic light. This is hardly the way to either establish or maintain a solid relationship. People! One of the prime methods of establishing and maintaining a solid relationship is good two way communication; at least it was back in the Day when there were no post-it notes or cell phones, which hardly even rates as one way communication.

                       The same thing holds true for our business relationships. We must have clear, meaningful communication. We have to realize that cultivating business relationships is not like cultivating corn or peas. We do not throw some seeds into fertile ground and then go away until you want to harvest something. We have to talk to the other party on a regular basis, send a handwritten note, and send cards on special occasions. I am diligently working on this area myself, however I would remiss if I did not make mention of my friend and Sister Blanche Taylor whom I see as the Queen in this area. This helps us to build trust to trust.

                       Building business relationships is often referred to as networking. You interact with the other party. You exchange ideas and solutions. In this way you get to know the other person and they get to know you. Once you trust each other, doing business with each other will naturally develop. I learned about true Networking when I met a gentleman by the name of George Fraser and his Organization Fraser Net…those of you who know George Fraser have heard him speak about connecting the “DOTS” and that to me is the premise of good relationship building.

                       The development of network approaches that can embody such integrated “compound” trust relationships is currently a topic of much debate in the blogosphere. With the increase of online business people seldom meet face to face, like traditional businesses. They however put together annual cruises where they all get together Face to Face. Some of the more established online business people can afford these cruises, but the smaller businesses and small entrepreneurs have to make do with telephone calls and a post card. All is not lost for “US” though with the new video conferencing and e-mails which is on the rise, let us take advantage of the tools to enhance our brands. Building any relationship is a lot of work, but building a trusting relationship online is even harder work.

                        Building excellent relationships is a habit, and it produces wonderful rewards. It is often said that size of your wealth is connected to the size of your network. When you are building a relationship make mental notes on what works and what does not. Continue using the things that work until they become habits. Once they become a habit you will do them without thought. They will become part of your daily actions. When this happens, you will be thought of as warm and caring and as a result, building new relationships will become easier. People want to be around warm and caring individuals so your popularity will soar like the Eagle. You will be invited to be part of circles and parties that you would never have been considered for before.

                       Creating business relationships will become easier too because your habits will carry over into your business. Also news will travel quickly that you are a person worth knowing and doing business with. Your ability to develop and maintain long-term customer relationships will form the foundation for your success as an expert and your success in business.

                       Managing working relationships is clearly a complex and difficult process. One of the key factors determining the success of working relationships is not whether there are any conflicts or differences, but how they are dealt with. Because you have learned what works and what does not, you should be able to deal with any problems more easily. Effective Communication is the key. Make sure that everyone understands what is expected of them and that all, including you, do what is necessary to ensure the relationship survives the conflict or difference.

                       Developing and maintaining relationships is a life-long commitment. Nothing remains static. You are either going forward or you are going backward. Make sure you go forward which leads to big and brighter future going backward leaves you in a place where you are in stagnation. The quality of your relationships will be a major factor in the success you achieve in life. Make your relationships strong and your actions honorable. Never betray a relationship for to do so is to destroy your credibility and your future.

                       Building trusted relationships is the key to understanding the real business transformation being ushered in by the Internet and Social Media. Less than fifteen years ago, very little business was being done on the Internet and most business people considered it a fad. Now, there is billions of dollars’ worth of business being conducted on the Internet. By building trusted relationships with the Internet movers and shakers, you can ensure that you know what is going on so that you can position yourself and your business in the right place to take part in the new business world.In closing, to build meaningful relationships, you have to be friendly, honest and open. You must make it clear what you stand for. Always be fair in all interactions.

Building Business Relationships by: Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson. One of the most underrated skills is listening but a key way of strengthening relationships is to take time to truly listen to people and learn what they really want. Try different approaches and make note of which ones work and which ones do not. Practice and polish the ones that work. Put your ambitions and prejudices secondary to creating lasting relationships. Try to make all interac-tions win – win situations. Do not be afraid to try someone else’s approach or plan as they may produce better results than your own. Always be in a learning mode and build those relationships relentlessly. Your future and success is in the relationships you build and you really don’t know which of those relationships will be your million dollars or even a billion dollar account. (c)


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