Building Solid Relationships Has The Rules Change?


                                 Building solid relationships is the key to a happy and successful life! At least so I was told as a child growing up on the Sunny Island of Jamaica West Indies. Over the years and the older I became I’ve noticed several shifts in this area .Growing up we did not have a telephone, fax or computer. We used a “Telegram” which came to the Post Office and was delivered by a Man on footor by riding a Donkey (for those who have no idea what a Donkey is? it’s a little animal like the Pony) they are used as a means of transportation. I refer to those times as the “good old days” not because I do not enjoy all the comforts and luxuries life has to offer. However it is so tragic that one in ten relationships is held together by a Text or Post-it note. Today’s frantic lifestyle means that many families are so busy going to one thing or another, the only way they get to communicate is by leaving a note on the door of the refrigerator or texting while driving. This is hardly the way to either establish or maintain a solid relationship in my humble opinion.

                                You will agree that one of the prime methods of establishing and maintaining a solid relationship is effective two way communication. As for a Post-it note hardly even rates as one way communication. And as for texting while driving that has rob so many families of precious lives way too soon. As a business owner the same thing holds true for business relationships. We must have clear, meaningful communication. You have to realize that cultivating business relationships is not like cultivating corn or peas. It takes more than throwing some seeds into fertile soil and then goes away until you want to harvest your crop. You have to stay connected with the next person so you nurture the other party on a regular basis. They need to fall in love with us and this will help us to build trust before they will do business with you.This is why building business relationships are often referred to as networking. You form a net. As George C. Fraser one of the World greatest Networkers of our times puts it. “WE MUST CONNECT THE DOTS” We exchange ideas and solutions; we solve problemsand create movements that change lives and makes a difference. Building excellent relationships is a worthwhile investment, which pays very high dividends for many years. Building relationships need a heart to heart   connection not a head to head important to make mental notes on what works and what does not. Continue using those things that work until they become best practices for you. Once they becomeBESTpractices then before you know it they will be habits and you will do them without thought. They will become part of your daily rituals. When this happens, you will be thought of as warm and caring person who adds value, building new relationships will become easier.

                                 Creating personal relationships will become easier too because your habits will carry over into your everyday activities. Also word will travel quickly that you are a person worth knowing and doing business with. Your ability to develop and maintain long-term client relationships will form the foundation for your success as anentrepreneur and your success in business.Managing working relationships is clearly a complex and difficult process. One of the key factors determining the success of working relationships is not whether there are any conflicts or differences, but how they are dealt with. Because you have learnt what works and what does not, you should be able to deal with mostchallenges more easily. Communication is the key. Make sure that everyone understands what is expected of them and that all, including you, do what is necessary to ensure the relationship survives the conflict or difference.

                                Developing and maintaining relationships is a life-long commitment. Nothing remains static. You are either going forward or you are going backward. Make sure you go forward. The quality of your relationships will be a major factor in the success you achieve in life. Make your relationships strong and your actions trustworthy. Never replace your personal touch with expensive gadgets or toys and above all never betray a relationship for to do so is to destroy your business, credibility and your future. Let us fully embrace all aspect of Social Media, however let us pledge not to hide behind it make the effort to connect personally and stay connected.


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