My Eleven Tips for Improving Your Sense of Self-Efficacy


                                                      My Eleven Tips for Improving Your Sense of Self-Efficacy

                 Having self-efficacy contributes to motivation in several ways. It helps to determine the kinds of goals you set for yourself, how much effort you expend in reaching them, how long you persevere in the face difficulties and your resilience in the aftermath of failure. Self-efficacy determines how you feel, think, and motivate yourself and your behavior. It all comes down to attitude!

My Eleven Tips for Improving Your Sense of Self-Efficacy:

                         Break big projects down into subtasks requiring relatively short time periods. Make your progress tangible and visible. Reward yourself after each accomplishment.Cultivate social relationships (Networks) that provide good models for success, encouragement and someone to talk with about problems and setbacks. Brainstorming with others is always helpful.

                        Focus on your potential and arears of strength, rather than your limitations.Devote yourself to activities that you do well and are passionate about.Orchestrate your life so that you always have some event or activity to look forward to.

                        Stop defining success in terms of huge breakthroughs and see it in each chunk of progress you make.Break away from other people’s standards and expectations. Rely on your own definition of success.

                        Learn from sports. In baseball, soccer, football, tennis, and other sports, wins and losses are everyday events. Even though you lose today, you show up tomorrow for the next match, ready to give it your all and your best. EACH NEW DAY is an opportunity to play your best game. You must be playing to WIN.

                        When facing adversity, look for ways to turn the situation around so that you benefit from it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your attitude. We can always move with it, there are times when we MUST embrace it before we can overcome it.
Remember, life is 20 percent what you make it and 80 percent how you take it. You control your reactions and responses towards the events of your life. Always focus on adding VALUE to each situation.

                        Concentrate only on your AUTHENCITY and UNIQUENESS… not on the progress of others. THERE IS ONLY ONE YOU in this GAME called LIFE. PLAY IT WELL… (C)2011

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