Attending to Self without Being Selfish


  •                                     Daphne Clarke-Hudson

                        Before you can effectively lead others it’s important to understand who and who’s you are as a person. It’s important to accept and to be confident in whom you are and all that you do. A strong feeling of confidence and acceptance in yourself and your abilities will allow you to naturally encourage and inspire the best in you to manifest.

                       Based on her book Conversations On Success and her life journey through homelessness Daphne Clarke –Hudson will take you way beyond her journey from the valley to the mountain top. On a quick trip through life journey mapping  process of self-discovery you’ll learn how to uncover obstacles and open doors you’ve closed in your life to put you on tract to not only be a better human being but better leader, a better more productive, purposeful and  passionate YOU—for life. 

                      Spend a fun, inspirational intimate and thought provoking time with yourself while learning to:

    • Identifying your life purpose and calling
    • Identify your career and life dreams and goals
    • Learn techniques to filter your thoughts and slow your racing mind
    • Identify where you’re out of balance
    • Understanding how time management applies to your success
    • Create a plan for professional development and growth
    • Keys to creating a result orienting vision board unique to YOU
    • Learn the advantages of journaling
    • Learn the impact spirituality on this journey
    • Learn how to benefit from the nagging pains of failures.                                              




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