Building Solid Relationships Has The Rules Change?

Building solid relationships is the key to a happy and successful life! At least so I was told as a child growing up on the Sunny Island of Jamaica West Indies. Over the years and the older I became I’ve noticed several shifts in this area .Growing up we did not have a telephone, fax or computer. We used a “Telegram” which came to the Post Office and was delivered by a Man on foot or by riding a Donkey (for those who have no idea what a Donkey is? it’s a little animal like the Pony) they are used as a means of transportation. I refer to those times as the “good old days” not because I do not enjoy all the comforts and luxuries life has to offer. However it is so tragic that one in ten relationships is held together by a Text or Post-it note. Today’s frantic lifestyle means that many families are so busy going to one thing or another, the only way they get to communicate is by leaving a note on the door of the refrigerator or texting while driving. This is hardly the way to either establish or maintain a solid relationship in my humble opinion.

You will agree that one of the prime methods of establishing and maintaining a solid relationship is effective two way communication. As for a Post-it note hardly even rates as one way communication. And as for texting while driving that has rob so many families of precious lives way too soon. As a business owner the same thing holds true for business relationships.

We must have clear, meaningful communication. You have to realize that cultivating business relationships is not like cultivating corn or peas. It takes more than throwing some seeds into fertile soil and then goes away until you want to harvest your crop. You have to stay connected with the next person so you nurture the other party on a regular basis. They need to fall in love with us and this will help us to build trust before they will do business with you. This is why building business relationships are often referred to as networking. You form a net.

As George C. Fraser one of the World greatest Networkers of our times puts it. “WE MUST CONNECT THE DOTS” We exchange ideas and solutions; we solve problems and create movements that change lives and makes a difference. Building excellent relationships is a worthwhile investment, which pays very high dividends for many years. Building relationships need a heart to heart   connection not a head to head important to make mental notes on what works and what does not. Continue using those things that work until they become best practices for you. Once they become BEST practices then before you know it they will be habits and you will do them without thought. They will become part of your daily rituals. When this happens, you will be thought of as warm and caring person who adds value, building new relationships will become easier.

Creating personal relationships will become easier too because your habits will carry over into your everyday activities. Also word will travel quickly that you are a person worth knowing and doing business with. Your ability to develop and maintain long-term client relationships will form the foundation for your success as an entrepreneur and your success in business. Managing working relationships is clearly a complex and difficult process. One of the key factors determining the success of working relationships is not whether there are any conflicts or differences, but how they are dealt with. Because you have learnt what works and what does not, you should be able to deal with most challenges more easily. Communication is the key. Make sure that everyone understands what is expected of them and that all, including you, do what is necessary to ensure the relationship survives the conflict or difference.

Developing and maintaining relationships is a life-long commitment. Nothing remains static. You are either going forward or you are going backward. Make sure you go forward. The quality of your relationships will be a major factor in the success you achieve in life. Make your relationships strong and your actions trustworthy. Never replace your personal touch with expensive gadgets or toys and above all never betray a relationship for to do so is to destroy your business, credibility and your future. Let us fully embrace all aspect of Social Media, however let us pledge not to hide behind it make the effort to connect personally and stay connected.



Empower – Reinvent – Transform

The path to redefining your life and creating a brand new lifestyle, that you fully enjoy, takes clearly defined steps.

The very first step requires that you actually define your goal. What do you want to achieve?  Be as specific as possible. Getting your dream job, or creating your own company, is not specific enough. Rather, getting a research marketing position at Apple or creating a new website that sells hand-made dresses, is specific. Clearly state your goals so that you know what the end result should be.

Empower yourself by starting your planning today. Most people wait until tomorrow or next week to start planning for their success. This is too late. Tomorrow will always be pushed back and never arrive if you keep on mentally blocking yourself from beginning the journey to reinvention. Remember, significant changes in your life require that you change your mental focus and start developing new habits.

These new habits should consist of writing a clear agenda for each day, and achieving those goals. Start small and then start building momentum. You’ll realize that fighting small battles gives you more confidence and leads you one step closer to your final goal. Not only will this journey lead to personal development and improvement through the implementation of new habits, but you will also literally transform into a new person. Your confidence will soar, your happiness will shine, and your ambition will continue to seek new goals for you to fulfill.


How Are You Defining Your Success?


Consider these Six Pillars. By Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

You’ve heard the cliché; success is a journey, not a destination. In many cases I agree. There is more fun in the chasing than in the catching. A gentleman attending a presentation at a National conference I attended shared this story with the group. I went fishing with a friend of mine and caught a very large striped bass. He was thrilled and scrambled around to find a camera to take a picture. When I bent over to let the fish go, he said, “What are you doing? We can clean it and fry it up back at the cabin!” My reply was, “Man, I don’t want to clean this fish.” Then I let him go. My take away from this story is One went fishing for dinner, the other went fishing for recreation.

What do you see this story illustrating for you?

If you said that there is more fun in the pursuit of the chase. You could be right; on the other hand you might have said it would have given so much satisfaction for you when you served dinner!

There are no wrong or right answers to this question. Only your personal experience and views on the topic.

You too could be right it’s a matter of choice and personal decision. Success is some way like that; we must choose to define our own success. We are part of a society that loves the thrill of the chase, the excitement of what’s going to happen, the what ifs, and the hopes that come with them. We definitely LOVE a good challenge. Once you’ve “arrived,” you have to set different goals and have a plan in place to get those thrills again.

Too many people think that success is wrapped up in things, but the truth is, success is wrapped up in how you see yourself and how you’re able to enjoy your life be authentically.

To have a completely successful life along both professional and personal, you find “VALUE” you should consider these six components:

1. Peace of Mind.

Can anyone truly consider themselves successful if they lack this ingredient? People around the world are constantly searching for peace of mind. I define peace of mind as freedom from fear, worry, anger, and guilt. I think we seek peace of mind through many channels, some of them are destructive and some are worthwhile. Some seek peace of mind through faith, some through money, others in relationships, others in work, and still others seek to fill this void through participation in vices such as gambling or drugs. Very few ever truly find peace of mind outside of their faith, however. Success, no matter how you define it, must have peace of mind in the mix; otherwise your success will be bland and watered down.

2. Health Energy and Wellness.
“Success” without good health and the energy to enjoy life isn’t success at all; it’s just a shell of what it can be. Many people that are financially successful in the world’s eyes spend their fortunes in desperate attempts to regain their health or to stay youthful and vibrant. Any success without health and energy is like a high performance car with no gasoline in the tank.

3. Loving Relationships and Connections.
No matter how much financial success someone enjoys, again, it’s a hollow feeling if you have no one to share it with. It doesn’t have to be a spouse; it can be parents, children, friends or other family members. Remember that Scrooge was financially successful, but he had no peace of mind and he had no one to share it with. His success was empty.

4. Financial Freedom.
That is, freedom from thinking about money all the time. Not necessarily being “rich,” but having enough money to pay your bills, feed your family, and take care of basic necessities. For some, $50,000 in the bank would be plenty, for others, $5 million wouldn’t be enough. To be sure, many people think of finances when they visualize success and it IS a major component in our culture, but for the purposes of defining success, I’m talking about the feeling of freedom, that deep sigh that everything is okay.

5. Worthy Goals.
Most people have financial freedom as their top goal, but once you have that big pile of cash, then what? That’s why you constantly see millionaires and billionaires getting involved in some type of other business venture or philanthropy. Many people misinterpret their chasing as greed but for someone who is already financially rich, it’s the chase that they love. Money is just the way to keep score. Humans need to be chasing something. We desperately want to improve ourselves, or someone, or something. It’s just human nature. Either we move or we die.

When we start to embrace the fact that money is Energy just like the air we breathe then we realize that it is always there for us to have all that we want for whatever we want when we want it. There is no reason for worshiping the money or hoarding it.

6. Personal Fulfillment.
Maslow called this step Self Actualization. This is the concept of “being all you can be,” of feeling like you matter and that you’re making a difference. This is the feeling that you aren’t just going through the motions for no reason, what you do and who you are is of vital importance. If you have the first five components, but feel unfulfilled and useless, you don’t enjoy the full measure of success.

Not all of your endeavors will incorporate all six of these, and any one of them can be a pursuit in itself, but many of these aspects will show up in your pursuit of success. You can adapt these six components into any goal you set for yourself.

Wealth for example.

  • You’d want the security that it represents.
  • The ability to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • The relationships that improve with enough money. Many arguments involve money.
  • The freedom it represents. You can do more with it than without it, after all. The ability to set goals much higher than “where’s my next meal coming from.”
  • Lastly, the ability to use money to bless the lives of others.

Applying this article to my personal life and journey to finishing my degree I saw:

  • That it represents the relief I experience once you’ve finished.
  • The health and energy I feel as a result of accomplishing my goal.
  • The relationships it will open up for me.
  • The potential for financial freedom it represents.
  • The higher goals I can now set for myself.
  • The feeling that I became a new person with new tools through accomplishing my goals.

Here are a few questions I suggest you ask yourself:

  • What am I chasing in your life?
  • What are the goals that I have and why do you have them?
  • How do my goals mesh with the six aspects of success?
  • How will my life change once you reach the goals you’ve set?

By Daphne Clarke-Hudson PhD. (C) 2014




1. PLAN: Set goals with dates of Completion.

2. PURPOSE: Know what your God created PURPOSE is and FOCUS on that CALLING.

3. PERSISTENCE: Keep building meaningful RELATIONSHIPS that adds VALUE to your purpose, vision and mission. Network with those who can and will provide RESOURCES.

4. PERSEVERANCE: When the hill gets steep and the bumps in the Road are rough, don’t give UP, don’t Quit be patient with yourself and have FAITH that God will come through for you right on TIME. He is FAITHFUL.

5. POWER: Your power is in your AUTHENTICITY and UNIQUENESS so use it positively do not ABUSE it.

6. PRIDE: In all that you do take pride and remember that you only have one chance to make a first IMPRESSION let it be a positive on.

7. PASSION: Your passion is that which helps to fuel your SUCCESS. Having a passion for what you are about will facilitate great accomplishments and successes.

8. PERSPECTIVE: Never lost sight of who you are and to whom you belong. Know this one fact that there is only one YOU, never compare yourself with others. You are already a MASTER PIECE. Embrace that and give your best.

9. PRAYER: Pray as many time during the day as you need to, ask for clarity on things which are a bit fuzzy to you. Use your prayers as a time for THANKSGIVING and GRATITUDE.

Dr. Daphne Clarke­Hudson (C) 2011


Do You Recognize the Early Warning Signs of Poverty?

Poverty is a choice!
Health is a Choice!
Success is a Choice!
Making Money is a choice!
Building Wealth MOST certainly is OUR choice.
The question then become, what will your choice BE?

Let us start by looking at our “HEALTH” some of us Bless our health and the health of our loved ones and all humanity on a daily bases, while others don’t seems to be able to find nothing good about their present life. Personally when I bless what I have it multiplies and I have found this to be one of the best things I can do. Not only do I feel better doing this, it helps me make a positive contribution to my well-being and those around you.

Stop feeling guilty about lazing away the weekend it is well-deserved downtime to rejuvenate for set the stage for the week ahead.

Early to bed and early to rise is some of the best health advice you can live by. Adequate rest and sleep has a positive impact on your health, while inadequate sleep has a detrimental effect. Honor your mind and body by giving it all the sleep it needs.

Softly does it, so softly treasure the moments of every day but in a soft, calm, contented way. Contentment is conducive to good health.

Spend quiet time with your own most positive thoughts periodically throughout the day at least thirty minutes. Healthy thoughts ensure better mental health.

Your life has a lot of goodness and value in it. Feel the warmth that these thoughts bring you.

Our health should be treated as an important possession. Treat whatever health you have at the moment as a blessing and work to maintain it and improve it. Your health is worth working for, so aim to be in the peak of health, glowing from the inside out.

Stay in touch with the awareness of all the various systems at work in your body. Do what is necessary to keep them in peak condition, emotional and spiritual.

Bad health is the first early sign of poverty without good health we will not be able to accomplish anything in life that we strive towards not for us and not for those who depends on us

Wealth is not all about MONEY! Many have money and no health to enjoy the money they destroy their health accumulating.

Because I care about you and your love ones, I invite you to slow down take a deep breath and start to smell the roses and even find the time to plant a rose garden to enjoy with others.

YES! It’s not too late for your new beginning.

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 Have you ever thought to yourself be there a way I can could do for “ME” and others at the same time?

Are you counting your pennies and thinking I just can’t afford to?

Ever wondered how can they afford to “GIVE” so much?

I have been in all three of these situations at different times during my life.

My clarity and answers to all three of these questions came back in 2012 when I was called to take on a Project that was out of my league, yes out of my human league however not out of my spiritual league. So armed with this understanding The Empowering People Foundation Inc. was born, a Non-Profit Organization feeding the Students of the Carmel Elementary School in Westmoreland Jamaica West Indies. Please read more about the project here


This blog post is being written because once again I am called to step forward to show and guide my Tribe into understanding the answers to the above questions, simple put the other way to interpret the answers is LEARN, GIVE, GROW.

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The future of these students depends on a nutritious hot breakfast five days a week please attend this retreat and help us make this happen for them.

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Follow Stella to Jamaica

Ignite_NewsletterYou know the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back

A successful but unhappy divorcee goes to Jamaica on vacation looking for she did not know what and ended up finding herself (with the aid of – with all due respect – a VERY healthy looking Taye Diggs)

Why do I want you to come to Jamaica with me? Because just like the movie’s character you have lost your driving force and in order to get it back you need to step away from your comfort zone. You need the healing touch of fresh coconut water, magnificent palm trees, and let’s not forget the reggae music – which let’s just face it has the magical power to awaken parts of you that have been lying dormant since the Clinton administration.

Need a little more convincing? Okay let’s go a little deeper……..

How are your relationships? More stiff than a politician’s vote for me speech?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you almost pee your pants (okay you did pee your pants but we won’t go there).

How about your creative juices? When was the last time you delivered such a compelling  presentation that even your most critical potential client said: “where do I sign?”

Are you on target to achieving your financial goals before 2015 ends?

Are you so burn out that the mere idea of doing the same old same old makes you want to pull your hair out while banging your head against the wall?

Would you rather continue to do the things that are not working or would you rather be shifting your mindset while sipping umbrella drinks and enjoying this view?

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