Have you ever thought to yourself be there a way I can could do for “ME” and others at the same time?

Are you counting your pennies and thinking I just can’t afford to?

Ever wondered how can they afford to “GIVE” so much?

I have been in all three of these situations at different times during my life.

My clarity and answers to all three of these questions came back in 2012 when I was called to take on a Project that was out of my league, yes out of my human league however not out of my spiritual league. So armed with this understanding The Empowering People Foundation Inc. was born, a Non-Profit Organization feeding the Students of the Carmel Elementary School in Westmoreland Jamaica West Indies. Please read more about the project here


This blog post is being written because once again I am called to step forward to show and guide my Tribe into understanding the answers to the above questions, simple put the other way to interpret the answers is LEARN, GIVE, GROW.

Often times we think that we need to “ LEARN,GROW,GIVE”  unfortunately nothing happens until we start to “GIVE” so with this in mind  here is an invitation for you to join us in Paradise….YES the PARADISE of Jamaica where you will LEARN ,GIVE, GROW.

Allow us to welcome you to ignite the new you in paradise retreat in Montego Bay, Jamaica West Indies on October 25th– 30th        

This retreat is design to help you LEARN, GIVE and GROW your business, community, self, relationships, and so many more areas. The time is now for us to play full out and all in, the gates to the big games are wide open let us walk through these gates take our positions on the field and play the best game of our lives.


The future of these students depends on a nutritious hot breakfast five days a week please attend this retreat and help us make this happen for them.

Register NOW

Be in a surrounding where successful entrepreneurs, career individuals, community leaders have gathered to invest in you and each other without holding back.

We will be leaving there with the tools that will wipe out scarcity forever.

Please come join us.

See you in Jamaica.

Dr. Daphne


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