1. PLAN: Set goals with dates of Completion.

2. PURPOSE: Know what your God created PURPOSE is and FOCUS on that CALLING.

3. PERSISTENCE: Keep building meaningful RELATIONSHIPS that adds VALUE to your purpose, vision and mission. Network with those who can and will provide RESOURCES.

4. PERSEVERANCE: When the hill gets steep and the bumps in the Road are rough, don’t give UP, don’t Quit be patient with yourself and have FAITH that God will come through for you right on TIME. He is FAITHFUL.

5. POWER: Your power is in your AUTHENTICITY and UNIQUENESS so use it positively do not ABUSE it.

6. PRIDE: In all that you do take pride and remember that you only have one chance to make a first IMPRESSION let it be a positive on.

7. PASSION: Your passion is that which helps to fuel your SUCCESS. Having a passion for what you are about will facilitate great accomplishments and successes.

8. PERSPECTIVE: Never lost sight of who you are and to whom you belong. Know this one fact that there is only one YOU, never compare yourself with others. You are already a MASTER PIECE. Embrace that and give your best.

9. PRAYER: Pray as many time during the day as you need to, ask for clarity on things which are a bit fuzzy to you. Use your prayers as a time for THANKSGIVING and GRATITUDE.

Dr. Daphne Clarke­Hudson (C) 2011



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