Tools for Self Mastery and Control

self mastery

We all need tools in order to work on developing self-mastery skills. By finding the right tools we need, it enables us to continue working ahead without worrying about all the interruptions. It gives us strength and power we need to strive toward a better tomorrow.

We have a wide selection of tools to use in order to build self-mastery skills. You can visit the World Wide Net to find these tools. Look in the natural arena online to find the best solutions that work for you. If you find that one tool does not work, try another one. Continue to try the tools until you find what works best for you. Never let up!

Letting up only sits you back. You want to continue progressing throughout the self-mastery stages. Remember that this progression involves self-development. We all struggle through the process of self-development.

For this reason, schools are holding meetings, while the Internet is posting all sorts of information to help people take control of their life. Be a part of this revolutionary change that should have been a part of our life throughout our existence on earth. It is our responsibility to work through self-development throughout our life.

Visiting the Internet is the best place to find self-help tips, guides, and more. The Internet puts you in touch with many solutions and tools. Many of the techniques available are free. You simply follow the instructions and work them in the comfort of your home.

Some of the products available cost some money, yet these products may be useful for helping you to attain your goal. Check out the natural selection of products online. There are tools that don’t cause anything to maintain this either. Some of them you can find by researching the internet or at your local library.

What are some of the tools that I can get to help me out with self-mastering?

Some of the tools that you may want to use might be yoga or meditation these are really good tools that will help you to be focused on what you are trying to do. However, this is not the total answer to all of your stress problems you’re going to have to learn to deal with each thing as it comes to you. You might do one thing this way and when it happens again do it. This is totally fine you are trying to find the best way that is right for you. Everyone is very different no one is the same so what works for one may not work for you. In other words, take your time find what is the best way for you to learn to be able to use your skills to get where you want to go in life.

Where would I go to see about learning how to use these tools?

The best place to get these tools and all the information that is needed in on the internet or at your local library. These two places are really great places to start learning about meditation or yoga. Many of the tools we can use today are self-teaching techniques. All the information that you will find about these techniques will help teach you how to use self-mastery skills to your benefit. If for some reason, you’re not able to get what you are looking for at the library or on the internet then you can always open up your versions and look elsewhere. You might them want to try your local hospital they might be able to help you get in touch with some local support class that will be able to assist you.



Strengths and Self Determination

Struggling along to face the challenges of the world and from others, many people tend to step further back from self-development and self-determination often thinking, what’s the point anyway? It seems every step one takes; someone else comes along and pushes them further back. There never seems to be a dull moment in life. What’s more, the vast majority of the people in the world spend their time judging others and forcing others to conform to the way they think, behave, etc, when an entity is noncompliant, these people will increase the stress that they put on the person’s shoulders. There never seems to be an escape.

Most people are conformists. This presents a problem because the vast major of people sit around waiting for things to happen, rather than striving to make things happen. The problems never seem to end. Despite of all the problems one faces however they must move to reframe their thinking to that of a nonconformist in order to survive this hasty life. Most people think that a nonconformist is someone poses trouble or threats. Contrary to their thinking, the nonconformist is a maverick or eccentric thinker that has free spirit and will not allow humankind to go against the “laws of nature.” They stand up for what they believe in and their self-determination is constantly monitored as this entity will build from his or her strengths to stand tall and protest against wrong.

People all around the world strive success and failure. There may be times when you try to achieve success but fail. When the outcome is a positive one, we feel happy and contented because our efforts pay fruits when we need them the most. On the other hand, sometimes our effort does not provide us with success and the result is that we face awkward situations and feel frustrated. In actuality, failure is the key to success. Failure may cause disappointment and sometimes collapse, yet the breakdowns are only challenges that one must accept, face, and move to take action to take back control of his or her life.

This can be understood more clearly by an example of a boy who lost his left hand during an accident. He had interest in learning judo. After much persuasion, his parent agreed to appoint a teacher for him. The judo master taught him only one action. The day of competition arrived and the boy was declared as the winner. Then the master told the innocent boy that the stroke, which he taught him, was the only stroke that could save his life because the opponent would need his left hand to defend himself.

The little boy and his parents realized that sometimes-even weaknesses become strengths. So, we should not underestimate ourselves and rather follow our inner self for personal development.

No matter what obstacles one may come up against, realizing that these obstacles are only challenges can help you maintain self-determination in order to continue growing. If you let the obstacles get in the way of your progress, it promotes negative thinking, negative behaviors, and a bad attitude. You will not win. People with bad attitudes often land in jail, running from the law, player hating, or dead.

It does not pay to hate, doubt, fear, or resent another individual, simply because the bullet you channel to others will in time come back to bite you. For this reason, one must keep their self-determination strong and continue through the self-development processes in order to survive this world. Instead of worrying about fitting in, fit into your own shoes and take control of your life.


How To Build Your Self Confidence

self confidence
Learn to accept yourself

The very first step is to accept yourself – lovingly.  No person in the world in perfect so why bother and shed tears over your imperfectness. This is how God wanted us to be – Imperfect! We might have something that someone else may lack and someone else might be endowed with the qualities, which we lack. This incompleteness makes us go out and seek companions who make us feel loved, wanted and complete. Oh what a great feeling! Would we experience it if we were inside the cocoon of our perfection? Never! So accept yourself the way you are. It will free your mind of a heavy baggage of unnecessary worries. You will instantly feel light and cheerful.

Liberate yourself – Go out and do what you like!

How long it has been since you last went to have a walk among the pines – something that you loved as a child? How long has it been when you walked hand in hand with your friend to the bakery and tossed a coin to decide what to buy? These might seem very simple things but these simple things have the power to add on to build great confidence and fulfilment. Life if see is actually quite simple. What gets a bit too complex though is to remain simple. Isn’t it? Just as small drops of water make the mighty ocean, the little things you enjoy doing have the capability to turn you into a storehouse of confidence. When God made you, He put a desire in your heart and bestowed onto you the capability to achieve it. However, in the process of growing up, you forgot what exactly your purpose was, what is that you liked and what is that you enjoyed doing. It does happen with lots and lots of people who do feel like breaking free but are too tied up in their day to day responsibilities that it gets impossible for them to spare even 10 minutes to reflect on their lives, their direction, their dreams and goals. It’s our duty to clear the mess that prevents us from hearing to our heart. The conversations with your heart should keep getting clearer and the best way to do it is to find time to do what you enjoy. And since you enjoy doing that activity, it straightaway means that you have all the aptitude and intelligence necessary to do the job effortlessly even though you may not realize it.

Find your flock

Birds of a feather flock together. You must find out people with whom you enjoy being. They are certainly the people of your frequency and the energy flow between you and them is natural. Life becomes easy when you are among the people who are more or less on the same plane of thought as you and it’s easier to relate to them. They seem to understand you and vice versa thus creating conditions for healthy conversations. A good conversation is a very healthy exercise and an important need of our mind. We all want our ideas to be heard and appreciated and a good company provides platform for the same.

Set Achievable Goals and Go for it!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The idea is to begin with a small single step that can then further developed into giant strides. Learn to do the work at hand rather than to overwhelm oneself by looking at the entirety of a mammoth looking task. Just like the soil underneath your foot, the top of mountain too would someday be under your step. The only way to do something is to Go For It! No matter how small the progress is the focus should be on completing a task successfully even though it’s a small task. A series of big uncompleted task is a sure shot way to depression. Break a big task into a list of small tasks to be completed. Tick off from your list each job successfully completed. A completed task no matter how small it is gives a sense of achievement that boosts our confidence and equips us with more energy to try a bigger task.


Practice Gratitude To Improve Your Attitude


With the holidays just around the corner I want to invite you to check your attitude. Yes, check it at the door. However, before you get to the door you will need to check it at home. In our society, we are all operating at such fast and high pace and with the added pressure of the holidays things can go unnoticed.

This is the time when we tend to notice and worry about what’s lacking in our lives, and most people’s comparison of themselves is so much higher, because of their drive to succeed during the year, they are now focusing on what’s standing in their way of greater success.

Most people turn their dials to tune into the things they don’t have, the stuff…big cars, big houses, status, money, perfect relationships. However when we view our world from this perspective, we set ourselves up for misery and disappointment even though we are experiencing our own successes.

Have you ever experience feelings of insufficiency, imperfection, and envy? These are known barriers to true happiness. When we harbor these feelings, we limit our capacity for feeling joyful, happy and fulfilled.

Although we often strive to find happiness and success by working toward that which we covet, research shows that this approach may be holding us back. It’s actually the practice of noticing and appreciating what we already have that will bring more happiness.

Feeling gratitude for what’s going well in life has a remarkable impact on how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Positive Psychology research has shown that gratitude is strongly linked with greater happiness and fulfillment.

No Need to wait until the holidays!

Start daily implementation of your gratitude and you will start experiencing a surge of positive attitude. First things first. Start your day off with an understanding that you are blessed to be alive.

Here are a few tips to guide you. And I highly recommend that you create your own list.

Tip # 1 Practice meditation & prayer:

I start off giving thanks that I am alive and that this day will be my best day ever.

In a research, Counting Blessings Versus Burdens: An Experimental Investigation of Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being in Daily Life The effect of a grateful outlook on psychological and physical well-being was examined by Robert A. Emmons University of California, Davis Michael E. McCullough University of Miami found In Studies 1 and 2, participants were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 experimental conditions (hassles, gratitude listing, and either neutral life events or social comparison); they then kept weekly (Study 1) or daily (Study 2) records of their moods, coping behaviors, health behaviors, physical symptoms, and overall life appraisals. In a 3rd study, persons with neuromuscular disease were randomly assigned to either the gratitude condition or to a control condition. The gratitude-outlook groups exhibited heightened well-being across several, though not all, of the outcome measures across the 3 studies, relative to the comparison groups. The effect on positive affect appeared to be the most robust finding. Results suggest that a conscious focus on blessings may have emotional and interpersonal benefits. Review the full research here.

Tip # 2 Write in your gratitude journal:

List all the things and people you are grateful for large and small….some people do a digital. Good old handwriting works best for me and my brain.

Tip # 3. Practice mental gratitude

Because there will be times and situation when you may not be able to write. Mellissa Stephenson has this to say about mental thank you. Sometimes you may have an opportunity to feel grateful for someone or something but don’t have a chance to express it out loud. Practice saying mental “Thank You!”s to people (or things) you aren’t able acknowledge in other ways—like the driver who let you in, or the super delicious dinner you made yourself. This will help you appreciate and reap the benefits of positive experiences that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Tip # 4. Always have a stock of blank cards to write your thank you notes.
A hand written note can turn someone’s day and life around.

Now that your attitude is at peak you are set to have the best holidays one filled with gratitude.

I am grateful you took the time to read this article!

Dr Daphne

How to set Commitment and personal goal ideas

The perfect example of a goal that people tend to have issues committing to is the New Year’s resolutions. This is just one of the many personal goals and ideas that you could commit to, however, once you are able to commit to the goal you will be able to see yourself making progress towards success.

Some of the reasons why people are unable to commit to something is because they are not looking at the work and energy that it takes to succeed. Also, a lot of people do not feel like committing because of the pressure that they feel is built up. The thing is that you will need to find some motivation in order to make the plans and succeed at the goals. You will want to make sure that you look at the commitment seriously so that you can not only work on building your own skills and personal characteristics, but also so you can learn how to commit to future goals.

The first thing that you will need to do in order to commit to something is to just sit down and figure out your desires. You will need to dig deep on this one. You will find that there may not be enough desire in your life or you may feel overwhelmed because there is too much desire in your life. The thing is that you will need to figure out what it is that you truly want and the reasons why you desire it. This will help you to focus on what is important to you.

There are going to be times where you will want to give up and turn back, however, you will want to give yourself some time to think before you make any irrational decisions. You will want to give yourself the chance to define your reasons for giving up and your reasons for pushing forward with the goal. It is very important that you learn how to take care of yourself so you can be in the proper state of mind to use reason as motivation to push you further.

If you really want to commit to a goal and see it through then you will need to learn how to take care of yourself. You will need to learn how to eat, sleep, and exercise properly so that you can have a good state of mind and health. This will make things clearer and you will find that the decision making process will become a lot easier. You will want to consider the fact that your desires are going to change. You will need to come back and evaluate your need for commitment. Just because you change your mind doesn’t mean that you are giving up. You are simply moving forward with your ultimate goal (to be happy).

Also, keep in mind that the more you want something, the more you are going to seek it out. This means that you are going to work harder than ever to get yourself in the position to succeed. You will also notice that you will be able to save yourself a lot of trouble or hassle of walking away. If you give yourself an offer that you can’t refuse then you will be able to learn how commitment is all about and succeed with the goal.

Keep in mind that you are not going to find success over night. This is something that you are going to have to continuously work for. This may be something that you spend your entire life trying to succeed at. You will need to consider the fact that success needs hard working and devoted individuals, because that is exactly what it takes to become a successful person.

Dr Daphne

10 Steps To Clear Thinking

Does your mind sometimes feel like a television station you can’t quite tune in? You know there’s an interesting program on – or several, but everything is mixed with static. What if you could “tune in” at will, have clear thinking whenever you want it? Try some of the following.

Ten Clear Thinking Techniques And Tips

1. Take a walk. Science will eventually prove this to be a great way to improve the quality of your thinking, but don’t wait for the proof. Aren’t there enough other reasons to take a walk anyhow?

2. Stay away from sugar. If you want to understand what brain fog is, eat a sugary donut on an empty stomach, then do math problems twenty minutes later. What you will experience, along with the “sugar blues,” is brain fog. At least lay off sugar and simple carbohydrates when you need to think clearly.

3. Organized space means clear thinking. It’s rare that a person can actually work better in clutter. Organised working space means you won’t have the thought “where is that…” distracting your mind.

4. Get better sleep. Sleep requirements vary, but the minimum for most is somewhere around five hours. Some suffer if they sleep less than eight hours. The research, however, indicates that after a certain minimum quantity, the quality of sleep is more important to normal brain function.

5. Try meditating. No time? Just close your eyes, relax, and watch your breath for a while. Accept that your mind will wander, but continually return your attention to your breath. Five minutes of this, and afterwards you’ll feel a boost in your brainpower.

6. Resolve your “mind irritations.” Watch your busy brain. Maybe a call you need to make has been bothering you, just below consciousness. Find these stressors, and do something to let them go. For example, make that call, or put it on a list, and your mind will let go of it for now. Just seeing a problem and saying, “There’s nothing I can do about this until Friday,” will often stop unconscious worrying.

7. Don’t drink alcohol. At least don’t drink too much. While moderate amounts can be conducive to creative thinking, all the evidence says that it is bad for the long-term health of your brain.

8. Make decisions quickly. Nothing gets in the way of clear thinking like a dozen decisions hanging around unmade. If nothing else, decide when you’ll make the decision.

9. Get some fresh air. Go outside and breath deeply through your nose. You’ll get a good dose of oxygen to your brain, and the change of surroundings can help clear your mind.

10. Satisfy your physical needs. Clear thinking is easier if you aren’t too hungry, thirsty, or hot.

You can think more clearly starting today. There are certainly more than ten ways, but you really only need to make a few of them a habit to have a more powerful brain. Why not try one or two right now?


7 Steps To Break (or Make) A Habit

We all have habits, some good and some not so good. These are behaviors that we’ve learned and that occur almost automatically. And most of us have a habit we’d like to break, or one we’d like to develop.

For most people, it takes about four weeks for a new behavior to become routine, or habit. The following steps can make it easier to establish a new behavior pattern.

  1. The first step is to set your goal. Especially when you are trying to stop or break a habit, you should try to phrase your goal as a positive statement. For example, instead of saying “I will quit snacking at night”, say “I will practice healthy eating habits”. You should also write down your goal. Commiting it to paper helps you to commit. It can also help if you tell your goal to someone you trust.
  2. Decide on a replacement behavior. (If your goal is to develop a new habit then your replacement behavior will be the goal itself.) This step is very important when you are trying to break a habit. If you want to stop a behavior, you must have a superior behavior to put in it’s place. If you don’t, the old behavior pattern will return.
  3. Learn and be aware of your triggers. Behavior patterns don’t exist independently. Often, one habit is associated with another part of your regular routine. For instance, in the snacking example the trigger may be late night television or reading. You automatically grab a bag of chips while you watch. Many people who smoke automatically light up after eating. Think about when and why you do the thing you want to quit.
  4. Post reminders to yourself. You can do this by leaving yourself notes in the places where the behavior usually occurs. Or you can leave yourself a message on the mirror, refrigerator, computer monitor or some other place where you will see it regularly. You can also have a family member or co-worker use a particular phrase to remind you of your goal.
  5. Get help and support from someone. This is kind of obvious. Any job is easier with help. It works even better if you can form a partnership with someone who shares the same goal.
  6. Write daily affirmations. Write your phrase or sentence in the present tense (as if it were already happening), and write it ten times a day for twenty-one days. This process helps make your goal a part of your subconscious, which will not only remind you to practice the new behavior, but it also keeps you focused and motivated.
  7. Reward yourself for making progress at set time intervals. Focus on your goal one day at a time, but give yourself a small treat at one, three and six months. The rewards don’t have to be big or expensive, and you should try to make it something that’s associated in some way with the goal. Doing this provides you with both incentive and extra motivation.

Following these steps is no guarantee of success of course. Depending on the habit it may take several tries to finally make the change. But if you stick with it, you can do it. Good Luck.


Abundance Flourishes In An Atmosphere Of Integrity

law of attraction

There’s no way to fake INTEGRITY. You are either are IN INTEGRITY offering a PURE positive vibration which the Law of Attraction responds to. Or you’re OUT of INTEGRITY which creates a negative or mixed vibration, which the Law of Attraction cannot ignore.

Here’s a real-life story which demonstrates what happens to our vibration when we are out of INTEGRITY.

I was feeling pretty upbeat after our coaching session yesterday and really excited about winning a prize pack from the radio station.

After picking up my prize, I noticed Spyware, an electronics store, and decided to go in and compare prices with an item I had just bought from Radio Shack yesterday. Spyware had the exact same item on sale for $10.00 less so I bought it with the intention of returning the first item to Radio Shack. When I compared the two products they were exactly the same, with the exact same bar codes and packaging. However, I noticed the cheaper item had one wire a couple centimeters shorter than the more expensive item.

I made a decision to return the item with the shorter wire (the one purchased at Spyware) back to Radio Shack and keep the original item. Thus saving $10.00 but keeping the better product.

After the clerk had finished all the paperwork I felt extremely guilty. But then I rationalized it was too late to do anything about it and told myself I would just have to let this guilt go. What a way to bring my high vibration to a crashing halt. I reminded myself that this is why I shouldn’t do things like this in the first place because not only can I not live with the guilt but now it is a double whammy because I’m so aware of my vibration and this is bringing it way down.

Anytime we do something that is not in alignment with our core values, we feel negative emotions which hinder us from receiving the real desires of our heart.

The antidote is simple: be honest, pay all debts, return what you’ve borrowed, speak kindly about others and keep your word. In other words, do nothing that will hinder the flow of pure positive energy toward you. Be true to yourself and you’ll open the way for receiving everything that will make you happy.

This same client had such an opportunity to ‘make it right’ on an energetic level. Again, she wrote:
I was feeling pretty bad when I returned to my office, and then remembered I needed to go to the bank. I went up to the bank machine and there was $40.00 sitting in the slot. Someone had forgotten to take it with them after they finished their transaction. They had also forgotten to take their bank slip. I took both out of the machine and put them in my pocket while I did my own banking.

Now I was dealing with the moral dilemma of what I should do with the found money. I so badly wanted to keep the money as I am heavily in debt with all my credit cards almost maxed out. I tried rationalizing: The bank slip doesn’t have the account number on it so it’s not like one can trace it but it did say that the person had a balance of $195.00 which isn’t very much.

I remembered how I felt when I once left $20.00 in the bank machine myself and went back for it but it was gone.

I then decided to go into the bank and leave the $40.00 with a bank teller. While I was waiting in line, another lady came into the bank and told me I left my card in the bank machine so I went back to get it. Then she came back again saying now I’d left my bank slip in the machine. This is how frazzled I was!

Anyways, I gave the money to a bank teller with my business card and I am feeling much better.

I feel like the Universe gave me an opportunity not only to redeem myself but also an opportunity to change my vibration after something I’ve done in the past that I feel badly about.

Indeed! This client demonstrates the wonderful way the Law of Attraction works: Her dominant intention was to offer a high vibration so that she can attract more money and enjoy her life.

The Law of Attraction arranged an opportunity (the item from Radio Shack.) Her actions in the first opportunity caused her vibration to drop, which didn’t feel good. So she RESET her intention to feel good, and the Law of Attraction sent her another opportunity to take actions that feel better.


5 Steps to Goal Setting Success

Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life. But although setting a goal may seem simple, achieving it is usually another question altogether.

Why is that?

Because you will never achieve your goals unless you: (1) know exactly what you want, (2) are passionate about your goal, and (3) have a solid, realistic plan of action. This is what marks the difference between nebulous dreams and wishes – and truly achievable goals!

Many obstacles and challenges will fly right in your face when you’re going after a goal. Here are 5 time-tested methods that will help get the success you deserve.

1. Know exactly what your goal is

Your first job is to discover exactly what your goal is. What will achieving that goal really look like? Be as specific as possible about exactly what your desired end result is. Your success will be a measure of your clarity – since an achievable goal plan cannot be created around a nebulous “dream.”

If your goal is to create a more successful business, what will that look like? Are you thinking in terms of simply hiring someone else to give you more free time? Are you looking for a very specific monthly profit? Or can your goal be best expressed in terms of a certain lifestyle?

Regardless of what you want, the best way to get it is to first clarify exactly what you want in as much detail as possible. This can be hard work. But without a clear mental picture, you’ll never have the focus required to achieve your goal.

2. Be willing to pay the “entry fee”

Success takes dedicated planning and effort. In a way it’s like building a house. In the beginning all you have is a rough concept. Then you develop a complete set of plans – and you immediately move closer to success. The same is true of creating a better lifestyle, or a more successful business.

But there’s always an *entry fee* to be paid for success.

The entry fee?

Creating more success in your business may mean less recreational time. Writing your own book may require less TV. Being closer to your children may require adjusting your work or social activities.

It’s the “full glass” deal. If your life (your time) is already full to the top, there’s no room for something new. The entry fee is carving out the time to create that something new.

3. Focus on your goal every day

I’m sure you probably want to achieve your goal as fast as possible. That’s why clear mental focus is so very important.

Consistent daily focus is absolutely necessary to “burn in” the new neural pathways you need to create your new goal. Without daily focus, the old mental habits that have kept you from your goal will continue to take over.

This happens automatically – since these old habits replay 24/7 deep in your subconscious mind. The only way to override subconscious anti-success messages is to consciously focus on what you DO want – and build new neural networks!

That’s why success is an every-day event.

Re-commit to your goal every day. Don’t let your goal take a back seat to the daily tasks and distractions that will try to take over. Life WILL try to get in your way. Just get, and stay, on course every day. Focus on your goal, and on success!

4. Get passionate

One of the most powerful tools in your “success tool box” is having real passion for your goal.

Why passion?

Because intense passionate desire for your goal will help you burn in those new neural pathways even faster. Many, many scientific studies have shown that intense emotion (passion) is a key success tool.

PLUS (and this is really a *big* plus), intense passion will also help you rapidly override any inappropriate old “failure messages” stored in your subconscious mind.

5. Take consistent action

In many ways, actually taking action can be the most difficult step. Successful goal achievement is built by taking one small action after another.

The word is ACTION!

If you commit to take at least one small action each day, your actions WILL add up and make a difference. So avoid sitting back waiting for that big second when everything will magically “just happen.”

You CAN create whatever you want in life. The secret is to determine exactly what you want, then pursue it passionately. But remember — in the end, only action counts! You can’t just dream about it! You have to DO IT!


Activating Your Success Blueprint

self esteem
I am going to tell you the steps to “Activate Your Personal Success.” So, as you think of this outcome-whatever goal that you want to accomplish. Imagine if by accomplishing this goal or this outcome:

  • Would it take anything away from who you are?
  • Is there any excuse you can make right now that will stop you from accomplishing that goal?

One key in accomplishing any goal and activating your blueprint is to keep your goal in mind, keep it in your mind’s eye. Listen to your hypnosis processes daily and find that upon awakening act as if you are guaranteed the result that you’re seeking.

And when you act out of character, in other words, when you are demonstrating behaviors or attitude that are counter to accomplishing your goals. You will change that the next time you listen to your hypnosis process, you will make the necessary changes. So that moving forward you will think act and respond with the goal in mind.

Each time that you practice using your hypnosis process you are going to find that your inner ability to see, hear, and experience in your mind’s eye improving.

And just as you learned when you read through Awaken the Genius you found that perhaps you’re more visual learner, maybe you’re more auditory, or you’re more kinaesthetic. What we are going to ask you do, is to become more of a full sensory learner. Someone who can use all their senses, magnetize in the world around you want you want as your goal. And then go after it an achieve it.

The next step is to think about what needs to take place, or what needs to change in your life so that you can have this goal you set for yourself today? No matter what it is.

In other words, what are you going to have to give up that your holding onto dearly now?

Because if you weren’t holding onto something dearly that stopping you from accomplishing this goal, you wouldn’t even be listening to my voice right how, you’d be out there accomplishing your goal.

For instance, let’s use an example of bowling; if somebody is told a different way to release the ball or perhaps a different mark out in the bowling lane, which is what a professional bowling might do. They would roll that ball over that arrow and it would hook into the pocket and give them a potential for a strike, but if they are so locked into their old way of rolling the ball, or throwing the ball down the alley that are not able to change they can’t get out of their own way, in other words, they can’t accomplish their goal.

What changes need to take place for you accomplish this goal, so you can “Activate Your Personal Success?”

Next, I need you to find out what resources you have internally to accomplish your goal. During your hypnosis process take a mental inventory. This will help you discover what Skills, what Abilities, and what Resources do you have?

I’m going to ask you to release any preconceived ideas about how you might accomplish your goal and open your mind to the possibility that there is an even greater possibility out there for you.