Why Positive Mental Attitudes Matters by Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

Many of us grew up hearing these words “The SKY is the limit

You can do ANYTHING you set “YOUR MIND” to. Yes! Millions of people all around the World do believe this to be true and have manifested big dreams and goal because of this truth.

Regardless of your situation! and the environment, you can choose to recondition, reprogram, develop and train your mind to get the correct result you need. It requires lots of inner work and often times we will need to UNLEARN and RELEARN some things.  Cultivating a positive mental attitude means that many people will need to destroy their precious molds that they have held to for dear life! for many years. These molds are in the form of habits, customs, beliefs and rituals which have been a noise around their necks and shackles around their ankles. You and I have the POWER within to change all of this when we decide we no longer want them as part of who we are. It will only take three easy steps.


In this article, my focus will be in five areas that will assist us to BE sure that we always maintain a positive mental mindset so we can get the results we desire and search for.  Please never forget that Positive Mental Attitudes will take you higher in your accomplishments than even your degrees will. There are so many individuals who have never gone higher than an elementary education ……yet has used their positive mental attitudes to accomplish GREAT things.

Focus Area One:  Self-Acceptance

There is an activity I share with new clients, I call it the antibiotic! I tell them they will need to take it twice a day until they have rid themselves of the infections they are suffering from.

Here are some of the infection people are carrying around:



Low Self-esteem

Judgments of self and others

Inferiority Complex

And so much more.  Below is my prescription for their antibiotic to be taking twice a day first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

You will need the following:

1 Pen

2 Index Cards

1 Mirror

On one index card write the Title Morning and the other Title Night

Write this statement on both cards X 3 times repeat this in front of the mirror while looking directly in your eyes as you speak these words.

  1. I Honor who you are
  2. I Honor what you are
  3. I Honor who you are
  4. I Honor what you are
  5. I Honor who you are
  6. I Honor what you are

 Focus Area Two:  Self-Love

There are times when we GIVE so much to the world and we forget to give to the MOST important person SELF. The bottom line is we cannot give what we don’t have, so I encourage you to always maintain an overflow from which you GIVE.

Focus Area Three: Realize that ONLY you can control your ACTIONS

One of the GREATEST treasures in taking full advantage of our Positive Mental Attitude is the certainty in knowing that only YOU can control your outcomes. We can all take a sigh of relieve on this one.

Focus Area Four: Know YOUR Personal POWER

When we have a marriage between Personal Power and Positive Mental Attitude

That’s a winning relationship to help us build and create legacies and empires.

Focus Area Five: Never neglect to embrace life.

Always embrace life, live each minute to the fullest. Positive mental attitude prepares us to create joy, happiness, accept our uniqueness and authenticity and be BOLD and UNAPOLOGICTC about who we are. Let me hope that you have enough reason to now engage in Positive Mental Attitude.